Optimize your routing

Your customers expect your orders to be correct and deliveries to be made on time despite last minute changes, heavy traffic or equipment failure. ORTEC Routing solutions optimize your daily operations by dynamically scheduling deliveries, resources and loads. You can also create seasonal plans or define a multi-year strategy.  The routing software provides multiple options for what-if scenarios, adjusting to last-minute order changes and fact based decision making for complex routes and deliveries. Result: optimal execution of your logistic processes. At all times, in any scenario.


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Efficient plans and accurate schedules

Get in control

  • Adjust quickly to last minute order changes, bad weather conditions or traffic congestion
  • Comply with labor agreements and other regulations
  • Balance work load, seasonal demand and changes in customer population & demographics
  • Effective vehicle and driver scheduling to satisfy daily demand
  • Manage and optimize multiple distribution channels and strategies, depot & warehouse locations, fleet mix and overall supply chain design

Our solutions

  • Supply chain design
  • Tactical routing
  • Routing & dispatch
  • Routing for SAP ERP
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Discover the value

  • Prevent unexpected situations and costly decision making
  • Reduce mileage as much as 10% 
  • Decrease planning time by up to 50%
  • Minimize fuel consumption and equipment wear and tear
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs without hurting service quality
  • Improve asset utilization and serve customers more efficiently

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500 brands, 2,000 products, and tens of thousands of SKUs…that adds lots of complexity to our business.  We’re now the world’s largest distribution system, helped significantly by ORTEC to get to market and do it in an efficient and effective way.
Joe Tripodi EVP & CMO
The Coca-Cola Company

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