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The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is a hub of medical innovation that aims to improve patient care through scientific research. The Ophthalmology outpatient clinic focuses on diagnostics, and surgical and non-surgical treatment of conditions affecting the eye, eyelids and ocular cavity. The LUMC has improved and simplified its scheduling process using an ORTEC solution. Tasks and appointments are less likely to be planned twice, the department is less hectic and the quality of the care is more robust. This has enabled the organization to focus once again on the core task of LUMC Ophthalmology: caring for the patient.


The Ophthalmology outpatient clinic at the LUMC was experiencing some bottlenecks in its scheduling process. The LUMC used to work according to eight different schedules, so there was no general overview and appointments were often scheduled twice. It also cost a great deal of time to enter changes correctly and in time.


To generate clear and insightful schedules, the LUMC acquired ORTEC Multi Resource Planning (ORTEC MRP). This ORTEC solution makes it possible to schedule the various elements of the LUMC Ophthalmology department in a single system. Each element can be identified separately, which enables tasks and appointments to be distributed evenly throughout the department. These elements are tied together through sessions. A session makes it immediately apparent which resources (parts and personnel) are missing, so that they can be corrected. The system also displays possible alternatives and whether tasks or appointments should be rescheduled.