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Wit-Gele Kruis

The Wit-Gele Kruis Vlaams-Brabant (WGK VLB), part of the largest home care organization in Belgium, is now able to draw up an efficient schedule for its 850 employees thanks to ORTEC. “In the home care sector, it is always difficult to find enough personnel”, according to Eddie Vandeperre, Policy Coordinator at the WGK VLB. “So a schedule that combines efficiency and work-life balance is crucial. Thanks to ORTEC, we can optimally assign our employees.”


  • As the population ages, the number of patients who require home care is steadily rising, while the number of available staff is shrinking. Plus, hospitals are tending to reduce the number of inpatient days, so people who need more specific care are sent home earlier. This makes it vital that the scarce experienced staff are scheduled as efficiently as possible. So a good personnel scheduling system is vital
  • Before, the Wit-Gele Kruis VLB drew up its schedules on paper, which resulted in unnecessary extra work (double entry) and poor overview


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