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Air Cargo Transport

What is Air Cargo Transport?

There are multiple ways to transport cargo. An example is transporting cargo by air.

Why optimize loading for Air Cargo Transport?

Cargo transported by air has specific characteristics. Air cargo transportation is using specifically shaped, standardized air cargo containers and pallets to fit into the half-round shaped cargo bays of the aircraft, called unit load devices (ULD). It allows to bundle a large quantity of different cargo into a single logistic unit for easier and faster transportation and loading.

There are different types of ULD which are identified by a standardized code. The type can define characteristics of the ULD like shape, dimensions, load weight and other transportation relevant information.

How to optimize loading for Air Cargo Transport?

ORTEC provides with the solution suite for Load Building the right tool to support your business needs in shipping and transportation, and has many features supporting Air Cargo Transport. ORTEC Load Building is a powerful tool that calculates optimized packaging proposals for rectangular and cylindrical packages.

What are the results of optimizing loading for Air Cargo Transport?

The key benefit of ORTEC Load Building is to help maximize the utilization of your resources while considering all applicable strategies and constraints.

Why contact ORTEC to optimize loading for Air Cargo Transport?

With more than 25 years of expertise in developing and implementing advanced load building software and more than 150 satisfied customers in more than 15 different industries, ORTEC can help to optimize your business.