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Supply Chain Planning

What is Supply Chain Planning?

Supply chain planning is the forward-looking process of coordinating assets to optimize the delivery of goods, services and information from supplier to customer, balancing supply and demand.

Why organize Supply Chain Planning?

A supply chain planning suite sits on top of a transactional system to provide planning, what-if scenario analysis capabilities and real-time demand commitments, considering constraints. Supply Chain Planning results are input for supply chain execution solutions.

How to optimize Supply Chain Planning?

ORTEC delivers solutions and consulting for supply chain planning from strategic to operational level. The ORTEC Supply Chain Design tool delivers answers on various what-if scenario's at a strategic level, including the modeling of inbound flows, production and inventory and outbound delivery. At a tactical level store and customer replenishment schedules are computed as well as capacity management from a resource perspective. At the operational level the daily jobs are scheduled, e.g., from workforce and transportation perspective.

What are the results of optimizing Supply Chain Planning?

Optimizing Supply Chain Planning with ORTEC results in being able to:

  • Create what-if scenario's, including inbound flows, production, inventory and outbound delivery
  • Compute store and customer replenishment schedules as well as capacity management
  • Schedule daily jobs efficiently
Why contact ORTEC to optimize Supply Chain Planning??

ORTEC has customers in almost all industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods and retail, where they report significant improvements from both customer experience and cost savings perspective.