20170313 The story of Aquila

marts 13, 2017 | Bucharest (RO)

The story of Aquila, ORTEC’s customer in Romania, featured in the HERE 360 blog

In 2016, Aquila, a Romania-based transport services company, with over 20 years’ experience in transport, distribution, and logistics, chose to implement the ORTEC Routing and Dispatch software solution and mobile application, embedded with the HERE SDK. Aquila’s main goals are to optimize daily routing operations, create cost savings, improve visibility over the planning process and to increase customer service level.

ORTEC has joined forces with HERE, the Open Location Platform company, to create a driver mobile app for Aquila. Its fleet will benefit from ORTEC’s optimized, real-time route planning and HERE’s up-to-date, highly accurate navigation.

The ORTEC mobile app allows the driver to be in direct contact with the dispatcher, while also receiving real-time routing instructions, which results in more on-time deliveries and higher customer satisfaction. Map integration is vital, Adrian Pantazi, Transport development and Projects implementation Manager at Aquila, explains:

“When running a route in Romania, our drivers typically don’t need navigation as they know the roads so well. However, optimized routing is incredibly important. Now, if a driver wants to take a certain road that adds kilometres onto a journey, we can direct them to another, more efficient route through the app, saving time and money.”


The app doesn’t only benefit Aquila and its drivers – customers have greater insight into their deliveries, thanks to a customer portal that was created by ORTEC per Aquila’s requirements. This portal is integrated with ORTEC Routing and Dispatch and the mobile application.

“If the customer is interested in seeing the progress of their order, they can get updates on whether it’s been loaded, when it departed, and can actually see the truck’s positioning on the map and the estimated time of arrival. This is hugely beneficial as they can plan for its arrival, or see if there will be a delay.”

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