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Dispatch and Event Management

What is Dispatch and Event Management?

Dispatch and Event Management in logistics is the process of synchronizing the flow of information with the flow of goods in order to manage disruptive events in such an effective way that unnecessary and/or excessive logistic and/or transportation costs can be prevented. 

Events may be anything from urgent orders, traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns and failed deliveries to an overwhelming surge in product demand or a product recall. Dispatching is the process of undertaking various automated or manual actions to solve problems or prevent escalation. The person who handles Dispatch and Event Management is usually called the dispatcher. Typically this dispatcher needs good software solutions to support in him in taking the right decisions during execution.

Why optimize Dispatch and Event Management?

If not dealt with adequately, events can have a substantial, negative effect on vital performance indicators such as transportation costs and customer service levels. Maintaining oversight and control of the supply chain by optimizing Dispatch and Event Management supports satisfying the high service levels demanded by customers. For example, based on all the actual information in the morning, by rescheduling various tasks, huge extra costs or large service violations can be avoided in the afternoon.

How to optimize Dispatch and Event Management?

To optimize Dispatch and Event Management for logistics and transportation, it is crucial to have the right tools to respond quickly and efficiently to disruptive events and to support making and executing the right decisions. 
A suitable tool offers overview, decision-making support and automation. Crucial features to monitor and manage the dispatch phase of the planning process are:

  • A real-time interface with devices, such as onboard computers and mobile devices, ensuring up-to-the-minute information
  • Continuous re-calculation of reliable estimated times of arrival (ETA’s), while keeping track of all relevant dependencies or even, continuously re-optimizing the complete remaining schedule based on all the actual information
  • Continuous checks on time restrictions, such as delivery windows and opening times
  • Optimization proposals for planning urgent orders, identifying additional orders for a vehicle, assigning drivers, and resolving any restriction violations effectively
  • Ability to connect to a web portal so customers can trace orders and track up-to-date ETAs directly
  • Detailed performance measurements based on real-time information and on key performance indicators, such as percentage of late arrivals or waiting times
  • Active warnings for the dispatcher to take corrective action, for example by sending the nearest available vehicle

What are the results of optimizing Dispatch and Event Management?

Optimized Dispatch and Event Management results in:

  • Oversight and control of the supply chain
  • Meeting the high service level demands of customers
  • Avoiding extra costs for service violations

Why contact ORTEC to optimize Dispatch and Event Management?

ORTEC offers a closer match to reality than any other scheduling solution or TMS / ERP system available by integrating planning and dispatching, and enabling updates of critical developments in real-time.

Contact ORTEC to get insight and control over a schedule from start to finish, and to be able to anticipate and manage unforeseen, disruptive events that might otherwise result in additional costs and penalties from late deliveries.