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Field Service Scheduling

What is Field Service Scheduling?

Field Service Scheduling for high quality, low cost services and reliable and flexible appointments.

Why optimize Field Service Scheduling?

The reasons to implement advanced field service scheduling are to:

  • Improve your customer service experience, using a customer self-service portal
  • Connect business operations to field workers via our mobility solutions
  • Create happy customers and contended employees - the best guarantee to stay in business
  • Improve on planning and allocation of service professionals to customers

How to optimize Field Service Scheduling?

Field services require that professionals deliver their services at the locations of the customers. Next to the allocation of working time and rest time, the shift scheduling and rostering challenge, this imposes a routing challenge to the planning process: the allocation of professionals to customers on geographically spread locations in time.

Typical characteristics of this routing challenge are:

  • Constraints on visiting hours
  • Minimizing travelling costs and time
  • Speed to respond
  • Quality of service (level of skill of professional in relation to customer demands)

The routing challenge can be decomposed into decision making at a tactical level:

  • Region composition
  • Assignment of workforce teams to customers
  • Level and amount of multi-skilled employees

Decision making concerns can also be identified at an operational level:

  • The composition of routes for the service professionals
  • Optimizing routes and visit schedules
  • Re-scheduling in case of emergencies or last-minute demands
What are the results of optimizing Field Service Scheduling?

The results of optimized field service scheduling are:

  • Reduced costs due to improved planning, allocation and routing
  • Improved business operations and communication thanks to mobile solutions
  • Improved service levels and experience, using a customer self-service portal 
  • Contended employees
Why contact ORTEC to optimize Field Service Scheduling?

ORTEC is a leading company in supporting the process of field service scheduling. The assignment of tasks to the field service engineers can be done in advance by the optimizer, but also real-time during execution on the day itself, when ad hoc orders are entered. Follow-up during execution is supported by the mobile app solution, and maximizes the employee and customer service. In this way service, cost and customer satisfaction are improved simultaneously.