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Workforce Planning

What is Workforce Planning?

Workforce planning aims to compose a workforce and to formulate meaningful constraints and objectives for workforce deployment, matching the workforce with a given or expected workload.

Why optimize workforce planning?

Good workforce planning helps to:

  • Reduce risks on operational mismatches between workload demand and workforce supply
  • Make your organization more agile
  • Become less dependent on temp agencies
How to optimize workforce planning?

Workforce planning addresses topics that concern size, quality and availability of workforce over longer time (months to years), with respect to:
  • Employment relationships, labor agreements, and benefit programs
  • Forms of flexibility, mobility, flexible deployment, productivity and skill requirements
  • Development programs, constitution of the workforce
  • The need for external hire
What are the results of optimizing Workforce Planning?

Optimizing workforce planning and scheduling with ORTEC will able you to:

  • Work with various planning horizons
  • Forecast the right amount of shifts
  • Go from shifts to rosters to employees
  • Adjust in real-time
  • Report realizations with a payroll connection
  • Improve technology and visibility
  • Centralize and integrate
Why contact ORTEC to optimize Workforce Planning?

ORTEC is a leading company in providing workforce software solutions at strategic, tactical and operational level. The solution suite includes enriched functionality for supporting workforce planning and optimization. The solution is implemented at a large customer base in the healthcare and service industry. Customer stories show strong savings in workforce costs, but also in employee satisfaction.