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Home Delivery Optimization

What is Home Delivery Optimization?

Home Delivery is a strongly growing service concept that your goods are brought to your home address instead of collecting them at a store. Home Delivery optimization is focused on optimizing the routes at strategic, tactical and operational level.

Why optimize Home Delivery?

 Home Delivery is a strong growing concept, in particular in non-food product segments, e.g., like Amazon. The volume is growing about 10% yearly, and is strong in certain early adopting countries, like Japan and UK. Since customers are more demanding and service constraints are increasing, the challenge is to optimize all the routes such that it can be executed in a cost-efficient way.

How to optimize Home Delivery?

For this, food retailers are using typically dynamic pricing to balance the work load. To minimize the amount of "no shows", companies are implementing concepts like pickup points, alternative delivery addresses and actively informing the customer about the expected delivery time.

What are the results of optimizing Home Delivery?

Optimization of Home Delivery with ORTEC leads to transparency and impressive results for retailers:

  • Improved customer service level, experience and satisfaction
  • Improved route efficiency, saving on transportations costs up to 10% 
  • Smoothing demand by integrating time slotting and routing
  • Decreased CO2 emissions
Why contact ORTEC to optimize Home Delivery?

ORTEC delivers powerful solutions for optimizing the logistics of a retailer. This includes the optimization of orders for Home Delivery, store delivery and pick-up points as well as the workforce scheduling in the warehouses. Customers can be informed upfront about the estimated delivery time. This integrated solution shows strong benefits in both service towards customers, as well as employee satisfaction and cost minimization.