At Arkin 3,500 employees across nine different brands are scheduled by 150 planners across the brands. In order to optimally assign all employees, often with very specific competencies and working for multiple departments, Arkin chose to schedule its staff with ORTEC.


  • The old scheduling solution no longer met Arkin’s requirements. For example, employees wanted to be able to view their schedule online, but that was impossible with the previous system. In addition, they were running out of available codes to use for shift and departments.
  • Each planner had his or her own way of drawing up schedules, often on paper. This meant that there was no general overview and that there were issues with compliance. Employees were also frequently scheduled for two shifts in different departments at the same time.
How Arkin aimed to optimize its world

Arkin selected a new scheduling system in order to strengthen its hold on the planning process. Moving forward, the organization was to schedule according to a standardized scheduling policy.


  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, including modules such as ORTEC Flex Pool and ORTEC Employee Self-service
  • Integration with the HR and Payroll system Beaufort from Raet

  • A standardized working method
  • Immediate overview of and insight into the schedule, resulting in fewer violations and/or errors
  • From registration after the fact to a conscious  and proactive scheduling process in accordance with the Dutch Annualized Hours System
  • No more manual data entry and faster data transfer
  • A stable link to Raet, which makes double entry of payroll information a thing of the past
  • Thanks to ORTEC Employee Self-service, employees can now view their schedules from home and are more actively involved in the scheduling process
  • The new system is much more user friendly than the old system
  • Management information to measure production and managing hours has become available