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Aviko has been creating value from potatoes for more than 50 years. What once began with 32 potato farmers around a kitchen table, has half a century later grown into one of the four largest potato processing companies in the world. Thus, Aviko has become a worldwide market leader of chilled chips and one of the four largest potato-processing companies in the world.


  • To create cost saving practices
  • To respond to daily obstacles such as traffic, weather, and last minute order changes
  • To manage and optimize distribution channels

Transport is an important cost component at Aviko. Ever-increasing potato prices, and customers competing with one another on price, compel manufacturers of potato products to examine transport costs critically. Aviko therefore decided to computerize its transport planning with ORTEC Transport and Distribution, as part of an overall centralization process with SAP.
ORTEC very clearly understands what the integration with SAP means to us"