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Kamps AG is one of Europe's largest bakery groups with leading market positions in Western Germany and the Netherlands. Kamps AG's main revenue sources are the company's retail chain bakeries in Germany and the Netherlands, which generate about three quarters of total sales. Kamps AG's German retail bakeries have a market share of about 20 percent in the Rhine and Ruhr areas, Northern Hesse and Hamburg, and about 16 percent in Berlin. About 1,200 sales outlets in Germany belong to the Kamps group, 80 percent of which are franchises.
Kamps AG's Wendeln subsidiary is Germany's leading industrial baker, which delivers pre-packaged bread and other baked goods to supermarkets through its national distribution network, including the popular brands "Golden Toast" and "Lieken Urkorn."


With 8,000 employees and a yearly turnover of 1.2 Billion Euros, Lieken Brot und Backwaren GmbH, including Logi-K, is responsible for supplying the retail industry with packaged bread and baked goods. To manage this task they needed to find a partner to manage daily departures of approximately 1,000 trucks to the 36 Lieken delivery locations all over Germany.


Lieken AG, Germany’s largest producer of baked goods, has implemented the routing and scheduling solution ORTEC Route Scheduling. The software handles route planning for fresh goods for the company Logi-K GmbH, which provides the distribution of the goods for Lieken bread and baked goods.