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Toll Group

Toll is the largest logistics provider in Australasia, with revenues in excess of AUD 8.5 billion per year. Beginning in 1888, Toll has grown organically and through acquisitions. Its many different divisions service different logistics modes and specialty customers, ranging from ocean and intermodal services, to international freight forwarding, to LTL services and priority parcel services.


Toll NQX and Toll Express focus on LTL general freight and offers services to thousands of businesses in Australia, servicing hundreds of thousands of different locations. Toll NQX and Express operates depots in most cities, and a linehaul network between the depots. Within this division, ORTEC was engaged to help bring efficiencies to the pickup and delivery (PUD) operations for the depots, and to replace the legacy allocation system used by planners/schedulers/dispatchers. The PUD operation is very dynamic, with new pickup orders being added to the routes as the day progresses.


  • ORTEC Routing and Dispatch solution optimized PUD planning for the depots, combined with tight integration with Toll Works (Toll’s Freight Management System). Toll’s mobility solution is in place to support the dynamic nature of the dispatch operations.
  • ORTEC’s optimization makes efficient routes before the day begins, and referenced throughout the day to re-optimize as operational conditions require and new orders are added.
  • Tight integration with mobility allows for ORTEC Routing the Dispatch to replan based on events in the field such as futile pickups/deliveries, ad hoc pickups, and other operational delays.
  • ORTEC Routing and Dispatch is also the system of record for manifests and driver run sheets. The system also builds a prediction throughout the day of the linehaul volumes for the evening.