ORTEC Routing Suite

ORTEC Routing Suite 10

The upcoming release of the ORTEC Routing Suite 10 - ORTEC Routing & Dispatch 10, ORTEC Inventory Routing 10, ORTEC Map & Route 10 and ORTEC Service Planning 10 - focuses on supply chain collaboration.

New collaborative portals, such as the Driver App and the native cloud frontends, provide planners and non-planners easy visualization as well as tools to collaborate and interact with the planning process.

Moreover, continuous developments to our optimization engines are also enabling users to consider factors that customarily lie outside the route planning domain. This is made possible for example through the new the forecasting engine for VMI customers in ORTEC Inventory Routing, the customer time-slot booking engine in ORTEC Service Planning, or the depot departure smoothing algorithm in ORTEC Routing & Dispatch.

New Features (highlights):

  • We are giving ORTEC Service Planning a cloud boost by making it possible to use several of ORTEC’s Cloud Services in combination with ORTEC Service Planning. These services include geocoding, mapping, and route optimization. Besides the benefit of a lower hardware footprint when deploying ORTEC Service Planning, you will profit from more frequent map updates pushed via the cloud (currently quarterly).
  • We will be introducing new algorithms in ORTEC Routing & Dispatch. For example, we have included an algorithm that creates cost-efficient routes while taking loading capacity at depots into account. We have also introduced a fast and reliable load assignment algorithm to model flexible and temperature-controlled compartments.
  • The new release of ORTEC Inventory Routing will allow for improved forecasting through integrated forecast analysis. It allows users to explore new forecasting methods, such as using temperature-dependent forecasting to improve delivery timing calculations and prevent run-out situations during cold seasons.
Major improvements (highlights):

  • The ‘Inner City’ routing developments introduced in the previous release of the ORTEC Routing Suite will not only prevent turns that are not allowed by traffic authorities, but will also proactively avoid undesirable U-turns if they are too sharp.
  • Drive time calculations will be improved by replacing current road types and speed profiles with the speed categories provided by the map supplier. An option to configure speeds is also available.
  • The map production process has been improved to provide a higher update frequency of map data, should you require the latest street network updates.
  • The scheduler’s calculation speed has been improved, especially for routes with many stops.
How you benefit from these releases, in a nutshell:

  • Grow your business in an efficient way, without jeopardizing the environment
  • Real-time visibility over your operations
  • Meet the increasing demands of your customers and employees while growing your business
  • More control: Have the flexibility to adjust your plans at all times
  • Lower cost: Drive your business in a competitive market
Learn more about ORTEC Routing & Dispatch 10, ORTEC Inventory Routing 10, and ORTEC Service Planning 10: