ORTEC Routing Suite 10

September 2018
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Optimize your field services

Efficient planning is an important factor when your core business is all about delivering your services on a time that suits both your customer and you. ORTEC’s Field Services solutions enables you to manage appointments in a profitable way. You can predict service delivery times and plan optimal delivery routes while maintaining the flexibility to adjust to last-minute delivery changes. In addition, both employee preferences and labor regulations are taken into account. Result: optimal planning of your mobile and on-site workforce. At all times, in any scenario.

A selection of our customers

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  • Maas International
  • Saval
  • carglass

Discover the value

  • Increase productivity of your employees by 15% 
  • Reduce actual travel time with 75% 
  • Schedule appointments within a 2-hour time frame or less 
  • Comply with all Service Level Agreements for close to 100% 
  • Reduce your employee absenteeism due to sickness with at least 50%

Get in control

  • Adjust your schedule to last minute changes
  • Align demand and your available resources
  • Manage overtime and driving time
  • Maintain your service level agreements
  • Orchestrate your planning time

Join industry leaders & start optimizing

We are very happy with the return on investment which exceeded our expectation, but the true benefit is in the improvements in customer service using ORTEC has delivered"
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