ORTEC and Humanity

ORTEC is thoroughly committed in its support of humanitarian aid organizations and provides resources, knowledge and expertise to optimize the logistics aid network of supplies.

North Star Alliance

Our most important partner in our Humanity program is North Star Alliance; an organization that brings health to hard-to-reach people across Africa in a “Blue Box”. They use converted shipping containers (painted blue), also called Roadside Wellness Centers (RWCs), to house clinics that deliver public health programs for people with increased health risks, like truck drivers and sex workers, and primary health care to communities with limited or no access to medical services.

After successfully developing a client health registration system, ORTEC also delivered an application that will assist North Star Alliance in determining the optimal location and number of employees for its network of RWCs. The new solution, POLARIS (Program for Optimizing the Long-term Achievements of the Roadside Wellness Centres Investment Strategy), was developed in cooperation with Paragon Decision Technology, using their mathematical optimization platform AIMMS.

According to Luke Disney, North Star Alliance Executive Director: “With POLARIS, ORTEC has developed an innovative application to help determine the optimal locations for North Star RWCs, without the need to invest a great deal of time and expense for research and data analysis. In our collaboration with ORTEC, we are always looking for ways how –in this case where– to best serve the truck drivers and the surrounding communities.”

North Star Alliance is supported by six core partners including the International Transport Workers’ Federation, ORTEC, PharmAccess Foundation, TNT, UNAIDS and the World Food Programme along with more than 60 strategic and local partners.