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Bobbejaanland is a theme park, located in Belgium. They are a member of the Spanish group Parques Reunidos, that owns 70 to 80 amusement and theme parks primarily in Europe. Bobbejaanland receives approximately 720,000 visitors per year, and has about 50 attractions and different amusement shows. In the opening season, between 150 and 250 employees, of which 50 to 100 are temporary workers, operate in one or more of three different park departments: food & beverage, merchandise, and attractions.

Bobbejaanland has a large difference between highs and lows in visitor numbers due to unpredictable factors, such as weather and the economy, resulting in rapidly changing staffing requirements. As a subsidiary of Parques Reunidos, Bobbejaanland must prepare its budget a year in advance, and generate weekly reports throughout the year. The three departments of the theme park each had their own planning process, making transparency and overview of planning difficult.


To find a solution that provided a method to calculate its yearly budget, staff personnel efficiently in three departments, and monitor the budgetary performances in close relation to the weekly staffing as part of the planning process.


Bobbejaanland chose ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, not only to improve, but also to optimize its planning processes. The ORTEC solution made it possible to prepare more accurate forecasting and budgeting, as well as accurate monitoring. The tool also provided Bobbejaanland the ability to make real-time changes in everyday schedules in order to align staffing with expected visitors while keeping the optimization focus. Bobbejaanland now achieves a uniform planning process, saves time, and has access to insightful management reports. With ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, Bobbejaanland is able to avoid over capacity and optimize their workforce scheduling while complying with legislation and maintaining employee motivation.
We are able to use ORTEC Workforce Scheduling as a foundation for more intelligent planning of our staffing requirements, to optimally deploy our staff, and to compare cost against the forecasted budget"