Customers ORTEC


Freezeserve, the most advanced cold store in the UK, uses the latest automated storage system and palletizing technology to offer ‘man less’‚ cost-effective temperature-controlled warehousing and storage solutions. Additionally, the UK-based company provides specialized business solutions for national & international distribution. 

The challenges

  • Accommodate increased demand in warehousing services
  • Deal with demand fluctuations, especially during peak times without triggering any SLA non-compliance
  • Maximize storage space utilization within the confines of the warehouse building
  • Manage all warehouse movements in the most environment-friendly and cost-efficient way

The solution

 With ORTEC Warehousing solutions, Freezeserve is able to manage storage and throughput capacities in a balanced, scalable manner. The solution allows for a prompt and cost-efficient response to customers’ requests, regardless of seasonal/peak-time variations. The automation of logistics processes enhanced through optimization of inbound and outbound operations has led to significant cost-savings resulting from:

  • decreasing personnel expenditure
  • reducing energy consumption
  • increasing speed in handling pallets
  • optimizing the usage of storage space

At peak times, trucks are still loaded and unloaded very quickly as a result of the powerful and very cost effective combination of a large automated storage facility and the OptilogX"