The Utrecht Regional Ambulance Facility (RAVU) offers emergency care and ambulance transportation in the Province of Utrecht. The RAVU Control Center has the difficult task of determining the complexity of every call in order to send the right team. The shifts start and end at different times during the day, evening and night, and extra shifts are planned during events. It is essential for the RAVU to schedule the right amount of staff, while abiding by the restrictions of the Working Hours Act and CLA. RAVU chose to collaborate with ORTEC to support its complex staff scheduling process.

Challenges for the RAVU

The RAVU draws up complex schedules for the Control Center and ambulance personnel, with day, evening and night shifts (24/7) and variable start and end times and team compositions. The organization ensures that all of the shifts are staffed in the proper manner. 

The ORTEC solutions for RAVU

  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling
  • ORTEC Module Shift Bidding
  • ORTEC Module Flexpool
  • ORTEC Module Reiskosten
RAVU's desired results

  • Seamless scheduling and staffing
  • Correct payroll and travel compensation