ortec routing and dispatch release 10

ORTEC Routing & Dispatch 10

The upcoming release of ORTEC Routing & Dispatch 10 focuses on supply chain collaboration. Our collaborative portals for third-party carriers, receiving clerks, and drivers will give other supply chain participants access to planning information in ORTEC Routing & Dispatch 10, and allows for collaboration across the supply chain. Our web-based user interfaces are based on the latest design principles, facilitating usability and visibility.

New features:

  • We will be Introducing an algorithm that creates cost-efficient routes while taking time-dependent loading capacity at depots into account. A fast and reliable load assignment algorithm will also be available to model flexible and temperature-controlled compartments.
  • The ORTEC Routing & Dispatch release will include new web-based and native cloud-based collaborative portals based on UX design principles for the 3rd party carrier and the receiving store. These fit-for-purpose and intuitive portals encourage supply chain collaboration by providing an easy-to-access and easy easy-to-use collaboration tools for everyone who interacts with your enterprise.
  • We will also release a standard driver App for retail and distribution to close the loop between scheduling and execution. The App will enable real-time communication between your planner and the driver, facilitating dynamic planning and re-optimization of the day at hand.
Major improvements:

  • The ‘Inner City’ routing developments introduced in the previous release of the ORTEC Routing & Dispatch will not only prevent turns that are not allowed by traffic authorities, but also proactively avoid undesirable U-turns if they are too sharp.
  • Drive time calculations will be improved by replacing current road types and speed profiles with the speed categories provided by the map supplier. An option to configure speeds is also available.
  • The map production process has been improved to provide a higher update frequency of map data, should you require the latest street network updates.
  • The scheduler’s calculation speed has been improved, especially for routes with many stops.
To summarize, here is how you benefit from this release:

  • Lower cost: Drive your business in a competitive market
  • Better care for your people: Increase productivity
  • Real time visibility over your operations
  • Meet the increasing demands of your customers and employees while growing your business
  • More control: Have the flexibility to adjust your plans at all times
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