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Your sector is under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve the level of patient care and increase employee satisfaction. Meanwhile the demand for personnel must be satisfied as effectively and efficiently as possible. ORTEC’s Healthcare Industry solutions support your planners and decision makers to construct schedules rapid and in a well-organized manner. Enabling you to provide the right care at the right time while managing labor costs.

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Discover the value

  • Increase your service level to patients
  • Tighten your control over workforce budget
  • Improve your management reporting capabilities
  • Grow your flexibility of workforce
  • Increase your workforce happiness due to better planning
  • Grow your efficiency because of improved planning and execution

Get in control

  • Provide the right care in the right amount at the right moment
  • Provide more care with fewer people
  • Operate in a cost-effective- decisive and efficient manner
  • Optimally coordinating the available capacity for the demand for care
  • Efficiently reduce costs
  • Reduce the number of dissatisfied employees by better scheduling

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We were happy to work with ORTEC, not only because of the ORTEC Workforce Scheduling solution, but also because they provided us with excellent service"

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