ORTEC optimization software platform

How do you predict the future and forecast demand the best you possibly can? What do you do to make the right decisions at operational, tactical and strategic level? We provide you with true end-to-end solutions right from supply chain strategic network design to dynamic resource planning and execution optimization. Our optimization software helps you to make your processes transparent and provides you with control and insight to support better decision-making.

ORTEC Loading

With increasing pressure on streamlining logistics and increasing business efficiencies, information technology demands are constantly evolving ORTEC enables planning the entire distribution schedule by using a single application. With flexible building blocks that can be deployed in a modular fashion, packing boxes, building pallets, and loading  trucks, ships, planes or containers are all optimized in SAP or Windows.


Companies that run SAP require robust integrated solutions capable of managing their entire supply chain. ORTEC, a Platinum Certified SAP partner, integrates directly in SAP ERP, filling the gaps needed to provide real-time support for shipping and logistics scheduling.

ORTEC Routing

Transportation and logistics processes are highly dynamic. Our routing solutions simplify and improve your business processes on a strategic, tactical, operational and real-time level and turns your supply chain from cost center into your competitive edge.

ORTEC Workforce

Human capital is key to any organizations success. ORTEC's workforce planning and scheduling software helps you make better employee schedules manage your labor costs, respond to last-minute changes and improving customer and employee satisfaction by taking their preferences and skills into account. . All fully compliant with your sector specific labor rules and regulations in markets worldwide.

ORTEC Field Services

Efficient planning is an important factor when your core business is all about delivering your services on a time that suits both your customer and you. ORTEC’s Field Services solutions enables you to manage appointments in a profitable way.
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ORTEC Warehousing

Our automated warehousing solutions guarantee highly dynamic buffering, sequencing and storage of pallets, roll cages, and custom size load units.

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