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Scheduling the perfect workforce plan is quite a task. It is not only about scheduling the employee with the right skills. It is also about selecting the employee while taking employee preferences and labor regulations into account. ORTEC’s workforce solutions optimize your entire workforce management process, forecasting to daily planning and evaluation, engaging your employees via a simple yet comprehensive app. We provide multiple options for what-if scenarios, adjusting to last-minute changes and fact based decision making for complex staffing dynamics of all kind while managing your labor costs. Result: an optimal planning of your resources. At all times, in any scenario.

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Discover the value

  • Improve the reliability of your planning
  • Higher team effectiveness
  • Improve internal and external planning communications
  • Minimize costs while improving employee satisfaction
  • Comply with all applicable labor agreements and regulations
  • Higher productivity by increasing employee involvement
  • Adjust to last-minute changes real-time
  • Integrate with HR, pay-roll and time-and attendance systems
  • The competitive advantage deploying the most proven and comprehensive workforce planning and scheduling software around

Get in control

  • Provide the right person for the right task at the right time
  • Create a plan while meeting all demands, restrictions and personal preferences
  • Align supply and demand
  • Improve the quality of your service while staying financially healthy
  • Balance work load consistently including temporary/seasonal demand
  • Increase your productivity by spending less time on administrative tasks
  • Manage the impact of last minute changes of your mobile connected workforce

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