ORTEC and Education

As ORTEC continues to expand globally, more new recruits are joining our team of highly educated and experienced employees. ORTEC prides itself on hiring the brightest mathematics and engineering specialists and we feel privileged to support the education of the next generation of mathematics and engineering students.

Affiliated with universities

We organize annual business courses at ORTEC to challenge future graduates in a true business setting. Several of ORTEC’s senior experts are affiliated with highly innovative and top performing universities, where they teach operations research and mathematics courses and guide senior students in their graduation projects. In addition, ORTEC partners in projects that have the objective to design new business models through intensive collaboration of research, industry and governments. For example “Designing sustainable last mile delivery services in online retailing” led by Erasmus University Rotterdam and “Managing Cash Supply Chains” led by VU University Amsterdam.

PhD research projects

Many ORTEC executives are (or have finished) working on PhD research projects, often in combination with research institutes like CWI (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science), CHOIR (Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement & Research) or Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics), and/or with innovative customers like TNT and Coca Cola.

Mathematical Olympiad

ORTEC is also a proud sponsor of the Dutch- and International Mathematical Olympiad, an annual mathematics competition for high school students.