What is your next step?

We can offer a range of services and documents to support you in your discovery and decision process.

To use our documents (cases, whitepapers) or stories (webinars) please visit the library or webinar links on top of the page.

To use our services, please tell us your preferred next step by filling out the form. After your registration, we will get in touch to check your needs and define the best way forward.

A brief description of the next step services is listed below.
Consultant call This is the best option to start. This option offers the opportunity to talk to an expert, to learn more about the possibilities, before using one of the other options.
Quickscan A quickscan is advised when you want to learn if and which of your challenges can be solved by optimization. A quickscan can be very short (just a call) or take a few days. A quickscan includes a report on starting points, possible options and a first brief advice on how to follow up.
Demo request A demo can be used to discover new opportunities, to define your specifications and to learn more about the ORTEC capabilities. A demo can be a standard demo but also a tailored demo, based on standard data or your own data.
Value assessment A quick & easy insight into the added value provided by advanced planning, scheduling and optimization to your company.
Proof of concept This option is best when you need to prepare an investment proposal or convince different stakeholders about the possible value of optimization. A proof of concept includes a review of your data, a basic system setup and a review of some scenarios.

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