ortec service planning release 10

ORTEC Service Planning 10

The release of ORTEC Service Planning 10 focuses on the user experience for you and your customers. For your end customers, the addition of ORTEC Timeslot Booking will make it possible to quickly and efficiently schedule an appointment which best suits their wishes. We have also updated the Timeslot Booking and Routing Planner frontends based on the newest design principles to improve usability for you. The latest release of ORTEC Service Planning also comes with a cloud boost.

New features:

  • We are giving ORTEC Service Planning a cloud boost by making it possible to use several of ORTEC’s Cloud Services in combination with ORTEC Service Planning. These services include geocoding, mapping, and route optimization. Besides the benefit of a lower hardware footprint when deploying ORTEC Service Planning, you will profit from more frequent map updates pushed via the cloud (currently quarterly).


  • We are enabling ORTEC Timeslot Booking (an ORTEC Cloud Service) in combination with ORTEC Service Planner. This booking service allows your staff and your customers to book appointments that suits both the customer’s and your organization’s needs. The benefits are fast-response calculations and continuous optimization, and improving customer service.

  • Moreover, we will include in the release new web-based and native cloud-based frontends based on UX design principles for the customer service employee (Timeslot Booking frontend) and the dispatcher (Routing Planner frontend). These fit for purpose and intuitive frontends also have the benefit an easy setup without the need for a local client installation.


Major Improvements: improved inner-city routing, drive time calculations, map update frequency and improved calculation speed

  • The ‘Inner City’ routing developments introduced in the previous release of the ORTEC Service Planning will not only prevent turns that are not allowed by traffic authorities, but also proactively avoid undesirable U-turns if they are too sharp.


  • Drive time calculations will be improved by replacing current road types and speed profiles with the speed categories provided by the map supplier. An option to configure speeds is also available.
  • The map production process has been improved to provide a higher update frequency of map data, should you require the latest street network updates.
  • The scheduler’s calculation speed has been improved, especially for routes with many stops.
How you benefit from this release, in a nutshell:

  • With the right planning tools, scheduling appointments becomes easier
  • Give your team the tools they need to create schedules that drive efficiency
  • Orchestrate planning and watch productivity and customer satisfaction grow
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness without compromising quality
  • Meet the increasing demands of your customers and employees while growing your business".

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