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Parlan is an organization for youth and parenting assistance in North Holland. Its 750 employees support more than 6,000 children, young people and families each year, with child care, parenting advice, supervision and treatment. Parlan is an expert in finding solutions. Eight years ago, Parlan went looking for an alternative to scheduling using paper and pencil. At the time, their most important criteria were immediately clear: a user-friendly solution, with a logical work method and layout, that was suitable for all departments and two different CLAs.


Parlan faced the following challenges and needs:

  • To realize a central overview in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Working Hours Act and the CLAs
  • To improve and standardize the scheduling procedures
  • To reduce the number of overtime and leave hours

Parlan improved and standardized its scheduling procedures and chose for a user-friendly solution by ORTEC, with a practical work method for the scheduling process and a fully centralized overview.

  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling
  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling Employee Self Service
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  • The centralized scheduling solution provided insight and an overview of the schedule
  • Simple monitoring of compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Standardized work method for the planners
  • With better understanding and control of the scheduling by the managers, the backlog of leave time has been reduced
  • The amount of overtime has been reduced