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What is Backhauling?

Backhauling is hauling cargo back from B to the originating point A, after a normal delivery has been made from A to B, in order to avoid an empty return.

Why use Backhauling?

Following delivery, a fully loaded truck requires about the same time and fuel to return to the point of origin, as does an empty truck. For example, a manufacturer may deliver finished goods by truck to a customer, and can then use the return trip to collect raw materials from a nearby supplier, thus reducing empty mileage. In retail applications, following a delivery from the distribution center, the truck can be re-routed to a supplier's location to collect goods and transport them back to the distribution center.

How to benefit most from Backhauling?

Backhauling requires an advanced transportation planning capability in order to be able to manage the complexities involved. 

What are the results of optimizing Backhauling?

Optimizing Backhauling helps to maximize the combination of backhauling with normal deliveries, while meeting the constraints.

Why contact ORTEC to optimize Backhauling?

ORTEC has strong experience in combining deliveries and backhauling in their routing optimization engine, and has capabilities for planning ad hoc backhaul orders and showing real-time visibility and transparency.