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Amarant has drastically increased the effectiveness of its float pool of disability workers by incorporating the float pool into the scheduling process using ORTEC Workforce Scheduling. The health care organization, who has been working with ORTEC since 2003, has made massive savings on external hiring.


  • Amarant is a large organization with about 4,300 employees and was constantly faced with float pool capacity problems
  • All too often on-call personnel could not be ‘delivered’ when requested, because the float pool planning was not sufficiently demand driven
  • As a consequence the primary care departments resorted to hiring expensive external resources in order to fill the shifts and lessen the workload
How Amarant optimized its world

In a new policy statement Amarant argued that considerable savings could be achieved by economizing on unnecessary external resources. In order to achieve this goal, the quality and quantity of the float pool was enhanced – more qualified people were hired as on-call staff – and Amarant implemented the ORTEC Flex Pool module, enabling the organization to schedule float employees based on their qualifications.


  • ORTEC Flex Pool for ORTEC Workforce Scheduling