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Challenges in the world of Saval

In the past, Saval’s technicians created their own work schedules based on inspection reports that were sent to their home every three weeks. “In principle, this set up used to work just fine,” explains Saval Office Manager, Edwin Becker. “However, due to the company’s continued rapid growth and the subsequent recruitment of a large number of new technicians, it became more and more difficult for our field service employees to determine their daily work schedules. Furthermore, the rise in workload led to an increase in administration, and the data recorded did not always tally. And lastly, as the technicians were working with paper-based job sheets, it was virtually impossible to make real-time changes to the planning.”

How Saval aimed to optimize its world

To optimize the field service working procedures, Saval chose to implement the total solution from ORTEC and Sigmax. As a result, the technicians’schedules are created automatically
and thanks to Sigmax Field Mobility Suite, the fire extinguisher inspection process is greatly accelerated.

The Solution

The Field Service Suite, existing of:

  • ORTEC Field Service Planning
  • Sigmax Field Mobility Suite

The results

  • Accurate procedures
  • Technicians, planners, and service/regional managers have greater insight into the work processes
  • Administrative savings
  • Time savings
  • Increased productivity and flexibility: real-time planning leads to faster decision-making
  • More balanced working environment due to improvements in the distribution of peak workloads
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improved customer service