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Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis

With more than 1,000 beds, Albert Schweitzer is one of the largest general hospitals in the Netherlands. The hospital chose ORTEC because ORTEC adapts to new developments in the health care sector. “It’s a company that thinks along with you”, according to Matijs Dekker, head of the hospital’s HR Service Center. “Also in a financial respect. ORTEC BI Support for Workforce Scheduling helps us to manage with the right management information, especially with regards to occupancy rates and staffing levels.”


  • After the initial implementation of ORTEC Workforce Scheduling the next challenge was retrieving the appropriate management information from the application.
  • As ORTEC Workforce Scheduling is used to manage leave at Albert Schweitzer and is therefore the source of truth for staffing, it was vital for the hospital to implement ORTEC BI Support as well.
How Albert Schweitzer optimized its world

Through implementing ORTEC BI Support, Albert Schweitzer was able to retrieve even moreinformation from ORTEC Workforce Scheduling. An important goal for the hospital was to compare occupancy rates with staffing levels giving the hospital insight into how effectively it schedules its employees now and ways and means to optimize the planning process in the future.


  • ORTEC BI support for Workforce Scheduling

The Albert Schweitzer Hospital:

  • Has increased its returns with ORTEC BI Support
  • Has improved insight into management information thanks to BI reports
  • Saves time in compiling BI reports
  • Has improved insight into occupancy rates and staffing levels
  • Improves the quality of schedules by utilizing the right information
  • Is better able to match supply and demand