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Liquigas, a joint venture between SHV Energy and an Italian shareholder, is the largest supplier of bulk and bottled gas in Italy. With 325 bulk trucks and 54 depots and loading points, more than 400,000 customers, ranging from domestic to industrial and agricultural, are serviced across the 9 branches of the Liquigas organization covering the entire country.


  • To increase the quality of Demand Forecasting and Planning
  • To flatten huge demand peaks in winter
  • To replace manual processes
  • To lower costs while maintaining at least the same level of customer service

The ERP system used by Liquigas - AS400 - sends the orders from call-in customers to ORTEC Stock Replenishment, where these Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) orders from customers are forecasted and created. In the next step, ORTEC Stock Replenishment sends the orders to ORTEC Tactical Routing for peak shaving, after which the orders are exported to ORTEC Stock Replenishment. Subsequently, all orders in ORTEC Stock Replenishment are scheduled in ORTEC Route Scheduling, using a planning horizon of one week. Dispatching and real-time monitoring issues are also covered by ORTEC Route Scheduling.