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Martini Ziekenhuis

Every day 200 planners schedule shifts for the 3,000 employees of the Martini Hospital in Groningen. The hospital recently started using ORTEC’s solution for workforce planning, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling for all their planning and scheduling. 

  • The old method for scheduling shifts no longer met the Martini Hospital’s requirements. It was difficult to gain an overview of all schedules and double entries resulted in a heavy
  • administrative burden
  • Under the old method, the planners were less aware of the proper way to draw up a schedule. They were mainly occupied with filling vacant shifts, so the planners had no time to create an optimal schedule
  • Moreover, the information needed for the assignment of float pool employees was spread over separate systems, so there was no clear overview of float staffing levels.
  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, including all modules, such as ORTEC Flex Pool, ORTEC Employee Self-service, ORTEC Budget & Control, ORTEC Travel Distance Calculation and ORTEC Business Intelligence
  • The workforce scheduling solution is interfaced to the HR and payroll software solution AFAS Profit.