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De Kempen Regional Foundation for Care Centers (Regionale Stichting Zorgcentra de Kempen, or RSZK) is our first client to implement the full ORTEC Workforce Scheduling Suite for home care. The organization of care centers uses ORTEC Workforce Scheduling linked to ORTEC Service Planning to schedule 650 employees who provide care to clients in their own homes. Furthermore, RSZK and ORTEC have worked together to create a system that enables employee self-scheduling.


The operations for De Kempen Regional Foundation for Care Centers have been sub-optimal, with no system capability that enables them to match client demand with staff availability. RSZK needed a total solution.

How RSZK optimized its world

RSZK found the solution it was looking for by building an integrated system for home care scheduling together with ORTEC, Raet, PinkRoccade and ASK Community Systems. The total concept covers the entire Personnel and Salary Administration (PSA) chain, from personnel administration to scheduling, hour registration and payroll. Once that system was completed, RSZK started a project with ORTEC to enable employees to schedule themselves via a central, integrated platform. “We believe that this will bring together supply and demand”, explains Employee Service Manager Erik van den Bogart.


  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling
  • ORTEC Service Planning
  • ORTEC Flexpool
  • ORTEC Budget & Control for Workforce Scheduling