Customers ORTEC


The company

Toyota Parts Centre Europe (TPCE ) was founded in 1993 in Diest (Belgium). Toyota has invested 20 million Euro in its European parts center to expand the facility by 30,000 square meters. It now covers 100,000 square meters, almost the same size as its Japan-based counterpart.

The challenges

In order to improve its bargaining position with the distribution partners and to be able to implement the analyses required to optimize the distribution process, Toyota selected ORTEC Route Scheduling, ORTEC’s advanced route-planning solution.

The solution

The Toyota Parts Centre Europe (TPCE) uses ORTEC’s Route Scheduling solution to optimize its logistics network, which is comprised of 17 warehouses and more than 3,500 dealerships across Europe. The system has enabled Toyota to strengthen its bargaining position with transport companies and Logistics Service Providers, in addition to achieving annual cost savings of more than EUR 200,000.

The industry

Manufacturing and construction