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The introduction of ORTEC Budget and Control for Workforce Scheduling at Amerpoort has resulted in the efficient utilization of personnel. In turn this has resulted in savings of almost one million euros for the disabled care organization. ‘That money has all been reinvested back into care’, emphasizes project manager Paul Trossèl.


  • The managers at Amerpoort were given more budgeting responsibility for their organizational unit. That made it essential to have more insight into staffing and the budgetary consequences of staffing decisions.
  • Amerpoort had also set a goal to give clients’ families and relations more accurate information about how the available funds are being spent.
  • Amerpoort continuously works on a better fit between the demand for care and the assignment of enough qualified resources and the available budget.
How Amerpoort optimized its world

With ORTEC Budget & Control Amerpoort aims to strengthen its grip on personnel costs. An important benefit of this module was that the organization did not have to go to market for a new system because they already worked with ORTEC Workforce Scheduling. The implementation went smoothly and the results exceeded expectations.


  • ORTEC Budget & Control for Workforce Scheduling