Customers ORTEC

Carante Groep

Carante Group provides care for people with physical or mental disabilities, as well as home care and youth assistance. Carante Group publishes the schedules for its 19,000+ employees using ORTEC Workforce Scheduling. Scheduling is both centralized and decentralized, spread across twelve affiliated care providers. Carante Group, which unanimously chose ORTEC from the very beginning, is very pleased with the partnership. “The health care sector is constantly changing. Together with ORTEC we hope to adapt to new developments in the market, such as greater workforce flexibility”, says Application Coordinator Pieter van Leeuwen.


  • The old planning system no longer met Carante Group’s requirements
  • With the current trend towards greater workforce flexibility in the health care sector, Carante needed a reliable scheduling system
  • Carante Group has to deal with three distinct collective bargaining agreements
How Carante Group optimized its world

With the implementation of ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, Carante Group hoped to gain more insight into EBA compliance and staffing levels. In doing so, the organization aimed to optimize the supply of care and the demand for care.