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ORTEC Book - Welcome to the New World of Planning

Discover the value of innovations in resource planning

ORTEC is the market leader in the area of advanced planning and in 2009, next to many other international recognitions, won the Dutch Logistics Award. This accolade was a great motivating factor for writing a book that will take its readers on a journey of discovery into The New World of Planning. ORTEC wishes to illustrate the wealth of planning opportunities that exist and to bring the discipline of planning under the spotlight. The aim is to inspire others to take planning within organizations to a higher level. We would be delighted if you could join us on this journey of discovery and at the same time learn more about the benefits that The New World of Planning can bring to your company or organization. Where do you feature in the ‘ORTEC Plan for Success Model’? The New World of Planning is applicable for all companies and organizations, irrespective of the sector in which you work, e.g. transportation, logistics, professional and/or public services or healthcare. According to the author Ronald Buijsse, “Planning is a discipline that is very up and coming and that is what we wish to illustrate by means of this book.”

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