Warehouse Control System

A Warehouse Control System (WCS) is a software application designed to coordinate day-to-day operations within a warehouse or distribution center. The WCS is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly, maximizing the efficiency of the material handling subsystems and often, and the activities of the warehouse associates themselves.

It is typically implemented by companies with complex picking and/or loading requirements, especially in highly automated or “lights out” environments. By using very efficient algorithms and optimizers, e.g., for routing goods and assigning tasks to resources, the efficiency and capacity utilization can be improved considerably.

Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) provide a critical link between warehouse management software and material handling equipment.

Why contact ORTEC?
ORTEC delivers Warehouse Control and Optimization solutions for optimizing complex picking and/or loading requirements. It can be used for both storage as for intermediate staging/sequencing buffer activities, as well as for optimizing the picking activities, taking routing aspects into account. Customer cases in the cold chain and consumer goods industry show a strong reduction in required storage capacity and number of DC-workers. See also the “ORTEC Warehousing” solution pages for more details.