23 sierpnia 2016 | Bremen (DE)

Warsteiner Distribution benefits from new ORTEC route planning solution

ORTEC successfully implements the ORTEC solution for SAP ERP at Warsteiner Distribution KG

“We were looking to automate our route planning processes – for which we did not previously use any separate application – and to design these processes in such a way as to both optimize our routes and be cost-effective,” said Karen Bayramyan, Finance, Administration and Logistics Manager at Warsteiner Distribution KG. As it turned out, ORTEC’s route planning software helped the company achieve just that. Bayramyan: “Our supply chain has become more efficient and our distribution processes have improved.” The company – one of Germany’s 20 largest beverage wholesalers, operating a total of four sites – has already noticed the positive results soon after implementing the solution: “Since the implementation we have been able to use fewer trucks and cut back on personnel costs and fuel costs,” Bayramyan explained. In addition, the ORTEC solution also provides information on customer delivery, which is used for reporting purposes (KPIs) and other initiatives.

Lower costs and optimized route planning

Four subsidiaries of Warsteiner Distribution KG – some of which operate multiple sites – have implemented ORTEC for SAP ERP over the past year. The software seamlessly displays all relevant distribution processes carried out by the four companies in SAP. “This helps create transparency, reduces the workload and cuts costs,” said ORTEC Senior Consultant Frank Heuermann. 

Fully SAP-integrated route planning solution

ORTEC for SAP ERP is an add-on for SAP ERP, which will complete the process of optimizing the company’s logistics operations, as well as significantly improving the planning and scheduling processes. The new software solution supports the Transport Planning department with its integrated planning and scheduling function and dynamic route planning. More efficient allocation of resources will reduce planning times and cut logistics costs.

High-performance application thanks to automated, centralized logistics

The route planning solution optimizes the allocation of orders for routes and vehicles in terms of reducing costs, while taking into account the different customers, vehicles and driver restrictions involved. Before implementing the new software solution, Warsteiner Distribution used a SAP module that needed to be operated mostly manually. The route planning process was managed locally at the company’s various sites. 

Using experts as key users

During the implementation of the new software application, ORTEC trained a number of key users at Warsteiner Distribution, who, in turn, provided their own internal training courses. This is designed to ensure the correct implementation of ORTEC for SAP ERP. Heuermann stressed that ORTEC also supports its customers once the implementation stage is completed. 

Warsteiner Distribution and ORTEC first crossed paths at the VLB Logistics Conference in 2014, where ORTEC Senior Director SAP Timo Klemm spoke of the successful use of the software at the Coca-Cola Company. 

Warsteiner Distribution

Warsteiner Distribution KG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Warsteiner Group. The core business of this nationwide company is beverage wholesale and retail. As an agent between beverage producers and end users, Warsteiner Distribution KG operates its own beverage wholesale companies and retailers, maintaining five national sites across Germany, in Warstein, Bocholt, Berlin, Altenbüren and Hamm.