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FM Logistic

FM Logistic, founded in France, is one of the largest 3PL companies in Europe. Their International Global Supply Chain is sprinted all over the world: France, China, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, and Spain. FM Logistics is specialized in warehousing transport and Supply Chain services. With 12,000 employees united to ensure the success of the company, their mission consists of optimising the clients' Global Supply Chain by being an intermediary between manufacturers and retailers.


  • To optimize routes and time and become one of the key Supply Chain players benefiting consumers in Europe, Asia, and Brazil.
  • To engage ORTEC solutions as an optimization tool provider whose Route Scheduling functionalities are best matched with FM’s profile of operating.

FM Logistic purchased seven licenses from ORTEC and implemented them in six different country divisions:

  • ORTEC Route Scheduling TET (analytics) – FM Poland;
  • ORTEC Route Scheduling VMS (Mszczonów) operation – FM Poland;
  • ORTEC Route Scheduling Michelin operation – FM Poland;
  • ORTEC Route Scheduling – FM Russia;
  • ORTEC Route Scheduling Aexdiss – FM France;
  • ORTEC Route Scheduling – FM Czech;
  • ORTEC Route Scheduling – FM Italy