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Normally speaking, cuts are met with resistance. Not so at the West Friesland Hospital (Westfriesgasthuis). “Surprising? Definitely!” says Theo Karsten, Coordinating Manager Workplace Intervention and Care Support. “Even departments not involved in the flexibility project want to do their bit!”

Challenges in the World of the West Friesland Hospital

  • West Friesland Hospital, which has over 2,000 employees in service, has set itself a target of reducing its permanent nursing staff to 80% of its current size
  • Along with Performation, the hospital was therefore looking for a solution that would maintain the same numbers of staff working ‘bedside’ with patients while simultaneously making savings
How Westfriesgasthuis aimed to optimize its world

Together with Performation ORTEC developed the Flexcure Dashboard. This solution provides an optimal alignment of staffing and bed occupancy up to 10 days in advance. To gain insight into which departments deliver the required personnel, West Friesland Hospital started to use ORTEC Workforce Scheduling.

The Solution

  • ORTEC Workforce Scheduling, combined with the Flexcure Dashboard of Performation

The results

West Friesland Hospital:

  • Expects to save 35 FTEs a year
  • In pilot departments within 2 months had already saved 14% on the nursing staff workforce
  • Can ensure higher certainly of supply of temps (the Flexi-work Agency)
  • They can be confident that when care demand rises, deployment levels will be maintained
  • Has direct insight into the extent to which the rostered nursing workforce matches the flow of patients

Bottom line, employees now save time and energy for pressing matters”