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Optimized Shipments

What are Optimized Shipments?

Shipments can be optimized fully utilizing truckloads based on the demand or demand forecasts.

Why Optimize Shipments?

A planner can end up spending a lot of time on load building, making sure the right inventory and stock orders are packed and shipped in time. Optimizing shipments helps planners make the best decisions for planning shipments by allowing them to have advanced insights into demand: ‘demand-sensing’. The goal of load building is to make sure every shipment is used as efficiently as possible by getting the most ‘full truckloads’, all the while still respecting minimum and maximum inventory and stock requirements. A planner saves time and increases efficiency by taking a different approach: focus on planning demand first. This can be done with a solution that optimizes shipments.

How to Optimize Shipments?

An optimized shipment solution enables planners to decide on planning activities by identifying and building order quantities far in advance of the actual execution process, like delivery to an internal distribution center or customer location. With a clear and comprehensive overview of the relevant data linked to inventory movements, the planner can best decide on how to coordinate replenishments of stock transfer orders, vendor managed inventory requirements and customer orders.

What are the results of Optimizing Shipments?

Optimizing shipments enables better decision-making in planning and operations by providing information to:
  • Determine how many actual trucks are needed for next week’s demand;
  • Identify potential upsizing of customer’s orders to full-truck-load capacity;
  • Prioritize which line items need to be delivered in the same delivery window;
  • Create multiple trucks from larger-than-truckload purchase orders;
  • Identify the best orders to group together to fully utilize the truck;
  • Create the best mixed case pallets;
  • Provide for views of truck capacity at customer service, transportation and warehousing to allow for adjustments;
  • Ensure that what is built in planning, is executable in the warehouse.

Why contact ORTEC to Optimize Shipments?

The multidisciplinary teams at ORTEC create optimized shipments solutions that have earned them recognition as leaders in the specialized field of optimization, in particular for the consumer goods industry, like food and beverage. ORTEC’s optimization software is seamlessly compatible with and/or can be embedded in various ERP-systems, including SAP.