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Territory and Service Planning

What is Territory and Service Planning?

Territory and Service Planning include all activities which ensure the right service engineer visits the right customer at the right time.

Why optimize Territory and Service Planning?

Sales territories and service coverage sometimes need to be rebalanced as new customers are added and/or customer locations change. As customer demands evolve, synchronization of sales staff and territories is crucial. Companies need the ability to track and react to visits per week/month, given order pattern changes, seasonal patterns, and unpredictable disasters.

How to optimize Territory and Service Planning?

ORTEC’s Territory Planning solution ensures the right person visits the customer at the right time. Territory Planner lets you strategically prepare optimal territories and routes for the future by allowing you to incorporate "what if" scenarios. Historical data including delivery days, open/close times, preferred delivery times, volume and geographic location is used to create optimized and balanced territories, routes and stop sequences.

What are the results of optimizing Territory and Service Planning?

Optimizing Territory and Service Planning with ORTEC’s Service Planning solution results in the ability to:
  • Determine the optimal master routes within predefined or flexible regional boundaries
  • Identify when and how often to visit customers with the least amount of time traveled
  • Apply constraints such as contracted visits, delivery time windows/schedules, storage capacity, and consumption levels
  • Determine the optimal frequency of customer visits while ensuring meeting SLAs
  • Maximizing face-time while drive time, route mileage costs, and vehicle upkeep are minimized
Why contact ORTEC?

ORTEC customers experience significant increases in profitability from reduction in miles driven, fleet size, time required for strategic re-routes and overtime wages, based on the fact that they use ORTEC advanced planning and execution solutions.