Optimize Our world

Optimize Our World

Since its foundation in 1981, ORTEC has not only maintained a strong commitment to its employees and customers, but also to the future of society and the world in which we live. In addition to optimizing the world of our customers, we also want to optimize ‘our’ world; from our own backyard, to the world at large.

Sustainable development program

We believe it is important to lead by example. We closely monitor and optimize our own financial, social and environmental impact. We deploy our people and solutions globally and support socially responsible projects in four key areas: environment, society, education and sports. We enjoy cooperating internationally to optimize beyond what we can do in a commercial setting. This has been inherent in our operations since our inception. The only difference between then and now is scale; as ORTEC has grown, so too has our sustainable development program. Through these projects we:

  • Help minimize our own as well as our customers’ environmental impact;
  • Share our knowledge and resources to the benefit of humanitarian aid;
  • Encourage people to enjoy sports and to stay fit and active;
  • Invest in the (future) education of mathematicians and engineers.
In the beginning of 2016 ORTEC published its first sustainability report according to GRI guidelines; showing our financial, environmental and social performance of 2014. At the end of last year, ORTEC reached CO2 ¬performance ladder level 3, showing that our efforts to establish a new energy management system to work on reducing our CO2 footprint have proven successful. We will continue to explore and implement several initiatives to further reduce our CO2 emissions and further improve our sustainability performance. Back in 2013, we received the Ecovadis Silver rating for our sustainability performance. The following year, we improved our score and are currently ranked in the top 8% of our sector.

ORTEC also won the GBC Health Business Award in 2013 in recognition of our contribution to optimizing the logistical processes of North Star Alliance. The Award recognizes companies that exemplify a spirit of innovation and help set the agenda for addressing today's most important global health challenges.

Optimize Our World


ORTEC and Education

As ORTEC continues to expand globally, more new recruits are joining our team of highly educated and experienced employees. ORTEC prides itself on hiring the brightest mathematics and engineering specialists and we feel privileged to support the education of the next generation of mathematics and engineering students.

ORTEC and Humanity

ORTEC is thoroughly committed in its support of humanitarian aid organizations and provides resources, knowledge and expertise to optimize the logistics aid network of supplies.

ORTEC and Sports

From ORTEC’s inception, when our founders bonded over Monopoly and foosball, we have believed in the importance of sports and competition. From chess to soccer, from table tennis to beach volleyball, whenever possible we have supported and encouraged our employees to be active and compete in different arenas.

ORTEC and the Environment

As the core of our work is to optimize our customers’ worlds, our main environmental contribution can be found in the reduction of our customers’ environmental footprints. Even so, we also enjoy optimizing our own energy and material use.