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The company

Liebensteiner Kartonagenwerk GmbH has its core area of expertise in intelligent packaging made from corrugated cardboard. In order to turn simple packaging into perfect packaging, this company is combining advanced technology with the traditions of their clients' company. To do this, Liebensteiner Kartonagenwerk GmbH has built up one of Europe’s foremost state-of-the-art plants for the processing of corrugated cardboard. They developed custom-tailored solutions to meet every conceivable requirement.

The challenges

Liebensteiner Kartonagenwerk GmbH, headquartered in Plossberg, Germany, assigned ORTEC with the task of implementing its Route and Load Space Optimization software suite in order to improve its transport processes. Manually calculating (estimating) the amount of load space needed for a transport operation and subsequently scheduling the deliveries was time-consuming and often an inaccurate process for the flexible and dynamic company, Liebensteiner.

The solution

After a brief project period of approximately four months, including a one-month test phase which fine-tuned two systems: ORTEC Route Scheduling and ORTEC Load Building, the first results were immediately visible:

  • Mapping of all logistics processes in the software
  • Maximum capacity utilization
  • Reduction of costs, miles driven and working hours

The industry

Trade, Transport & Logistics