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Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp owns the land in Antwerp’s port facility and acts in a supervising role. The Antwerp Port Authority is responsible for issuing permits to stevedores and industrial firms. The Tug Service fleet consists of 19 tugs that assist other ships within the dock complex and help in fighting fires. In addition to the Tug Service, the Port of Antwerp also has its own dredging company, its own workshops and shore- and floating cranes. It also provides its own electricity supply, operates locks and bridges and maintains the infrastructure. The Harbor Master ensures the shipping traffic a safe and speedy transit to the harbor through active control and follow-up. 

The challenge

In order to schedule its 700 employees, the Port of Antwerp wanted to organize its planning process and reporting more efficiently. “Since we all have our own reporting methods, mistakes would occasionally occur, especially due to double entry”, according to the Port of Antwerp Tug Service Assistant Director Frank Matheyssen. “We wanted to reduce these mistakes to the minimum by making it possible to plan and report using a single system.” 

The solution

The Port of Antwerp chose to implement ORTEC’s personnel solution ORTEC Workforce Scheduling. “We opted for ORTEC Workforce Scheduling because it is both user-friendly and service-oriented”, says Frank Matheyssen. “With the advanced system, we can draw up a personnel plan that takes into consideration the staff’s preferences. Before, they could inform us of their preferences, but there was no way to register them in the system. Planning was human, and now it is objective.”

The information can now be entered one time and submitted through the link with SAP. Matheyssen: “That way, we can ensure that our administration and payroll are perfect.” In so doing, the Port of Antwerp can reduce the work load for the employees of its human resources, planning and administration departments.
Our main goal was to have a perfect administration and payroll"
Port of Antwerp