Customers ORTEC


“ORTEC has contributed to a 5% increase in volume of delivered products and an approximate cost reduction of EUR 300,000.”

Jamnica has been bottling and selling water in Croatia for nearly 190 years. They became part of Agrokor Group in 1993 and are now the largest producer and distributor of mineral & spring waters, and soft drinks on the Croatian market. Their vast portfolio and production in 5 bottling plants are supported by investments in modernization and new technologies. Jamnica is also constantly investing in its own distribution systems and sales channels. They have a very strong position in the Croatian market, and their long-term strategy focuses on exports. Currently, Jamnica products are available in fifteen international markets. They are always looking to i mprove service levels and to stay ahead of competitors, while ensuring sustainable growth. They called on ORTEC to optimize their logistics network and to create added value for customers, such as with greater shipping reliability and overcoming market and seasonal fluctuations.

The Challenges

  • Managing the complexity of a large number of distribution centers, while also dealing with their transport network
  • Getting a single, centralized overview of activities at all distribution centers
  • Utilizing the fleet more efficiently
  • Reducing costs

The solutions

  • ORTEC Tactical Routing
  • ORTEC Routing and Dispatch

The Results

  • Improved store service levels (shipping without delay)
  • +/- EUR 300,000 savings in total
  • 5% increase in delivered products
  • Decrease in overloads
  • Reduction of employee overtime
  • Less km driven & reduction in CO2 emissions