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Maat Security

MAAT Security’s main services comprise store security, but its growth plans include the provision of security services for events, sites, harbors, industrial areas and hospitals. Before MAAT Security started its activities and recruited security personnel in Belgium, it first opted to organize the back-office processes efficiently, with a focus on customer and security personnel satisfaction.

Motivated security personnel

Employee satisfaction is essential to MAAT Security. “Everything depends on the motivation of our security personnel. They need to be able to concentrate fully on their jobs and clients,” Jan Swerts, director and owner of the company, says. “We work in a people-driven sector and that’s why we first wanted to have our processes in order before recruiting personnel. We are close to our clients and our employees, we concentrate on the services we provide and are pro-active. The corresponding processes need to run smoothly and that is why cooperation with ORTEC is important to us.”

Satisfied clients

For MAAT Security, scheduling is crucial to meeting client expectations. Clients have fixed budgets for security services. When additional services are required due to unexpected events, clients have to come up with additional financial resources. “Thanks to ORTEC Workforce Scheduling we have insight into the performance already delivered with respect to the budget drawn up in advance and the extra orders. We provide our clients with an overview via monthly scheduled reports and if necessary we can adjust the scheduling in the next period,” Swerts explains. The precise number of hours worked is exported from the scheduling system for invoicing, so that it is always correct and corresponds with the report sent to the client.

Complex Collective Labor Agreement (CAO), overtime and error-free salary processing

The legislation and Collective Labor Agreement governing the Belgian security sector, are complex. Personnel is permitted to work overtime, but within set limits. Swerts explains further: “In the case of unexpected peak times or temporary assignments, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling is a tool that demonstrates what capacity we still have available and what capacity is available as overtime, and this benefits the flexibility of our clients.” Wages are automatically prepared by the system and passed on to the social-accounting secretariat for calculation. Swerts adds: “Our employees must be able to concentrate fully on their job and the clients’ site rather than being occupied with administrative processes. The planning processes need to run smoothly and wages need to be paid out without errors being made. This makes our employees feel good and means that they are content and proud to do their job, and we need to keep it that way,” Jan Swerts says. MAAT Security will continue to invest in process efficiency in the future: “In the long term we are considering implementing
Employee Self Service for leave requests and registration of performances,” Jan Swerts confirms.